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hei - just wondered if anyone else was going to the birmingham bar academy show on monday (yes 2 days!)

and for anyone who cares i'm distilledcleopie off the board.

and if camera rules at the bar acad are any different to that of academy 1 and 2 (i can't use my cam in there cause its deemed as professional -wtf)


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Me n the boi will be going! :-)

The boi reckons that the last time he went to Bar Academy they didn't even have bouncers/door staff, so you might be guarantees tho...(yeah, the last time I went to the Academy they took my powerpuffgirls plastic sports bottle off me, ffs!)

Hope you enjoy the gig!!! I can't wait!!!
yeah i can't remember whether they did or not, but i'm not sure if i wanna risk it.
lol the bouncers are so stroppy ain't they?
hope you have fun at the gig 2 :)
me,my sister and lucy shall all be there.
not sure about the camera thing,little venues aren't usually that bothered but there are the odd stroppy ones.
yeah i'm just thinking that if people did want to take photos there is no photo pit for them to do it.,. so i could just pretend i'm with some magazine lol.
hurmm - not sure whether to risk getting it taken off me.
at the acad i smuggled it in and the guy said that he was asking me nicely not to use it, but they could have taken me to the 'control room' with it.
hope you enjoy the gig :)
we got our camera taken off us when we went to see HR at the academy,despite us asking a security guard if it was ok to use it and him telling us it was.
luckily we'd taken a smaller camera which we managed to get some photos with.
i've filmed reuben's gigs in small venues before and they've had no problem with it,depends on the venue i suppose.
have a fantastic time at the gig :o)
and as an added thing,i just checked out the birmingham academy website and it says "No professional "type" cameras, video cameras, tape recorders or other recording equipment will be allowed into Birmingham Academy or BA2"

no mention of bar academy there so it should be ok.

ooooooh. thank you! i shall bring it with me i think and ask.,.
hundred reasons in academy 2 -4th november?
that was a kewl gig, i only went for reuben.
did you get your camera back? went the security guard told me i couldn't use it i kicked up a fuss, but he was like 'i don't make the rules' so i was like f/e.
i don't see why u can't use pro cameras.,. i just said 'well everyone else is using cameras on their fones or small cameras and i just wanna use mine for the same purpose and get better quality photos'.
nobbers. lol
nah,we missed the HR gig with reuben,it was the one with biffy and senses fail we went to.
we got told to see about 4 different people in order to get our camera back,eventually someone brought it down and went 'is this yours?' and shoved it at us.
luckily it was.
i don't get why you can't use pro cameras either,it's not like you'd sell them or anything.
me yet again.
we just phoned the academy and they said that the same rules apply for bar academy as the other 2 venues pro cameras
ta for that. thank god i checked my mail at school lol, but i cudn't reply cause lj is blocked thanks to my friend.hehe.
that does suck. i spent the night thinking 'man that would have been a great photo', but o well. and they had a bouncer? god damn.
hope you had fun :)
yeah,the gig was ace :)
they played moving to blackwater,which made my night and it was nice to just see them and have a chat again.
winchester tonight,yay!