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Hey everyone!
Community seems slighty dead, soo in a desperate attempt to revive. *dah-dah-dahhh*

What does everyone think of the new single and possible other album tracks you've heard?
Honestly, I don't see how "A Kick in the Mouth" fits in with tracks such as "Blamethrower" and "Alpha Signal SevenThree", but hey..you gotta love diversity ^__^

Also, any ideas for a specific date when the album is due out or maybe even a month? I'm already so hyped. I don't think anything will beat Racecar, but if I constantly compared every album i owned to that, I think that would be the only cd in my collection :] [Not that that's bad or anything]

Also whilst on the subject of the new single, how odd would it be to go into a local HMV and get all the copies that are left..i'm thinking the worse that can happen is strange looks...well whatever, its happening, hopefully there wont be any bumming involving me and the assistant going on. -randomness-

Ooh, one last question, is "No Exit Wound" a new song, or an old one thats just been re-recorded? Sorry i've never seen Reuben play live due to being a young lass and having over-protective parents. I'm probably missing out on all the classics...but Reuben are awesome enough to me as I know of them...I think any more awesomeness will kill me.

Hahaa sorry about bad vocabulary ^_-
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