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Aberdeen Gig

Hey peoples, need to ask a couple of favours of anyone who's going to the Reuben gig on the 21st at Kef in Aberdeen...

I haven't got my ticket yet, and I'm currently working a shift in town on the night til 8pm, which I'm hoping to get out of, but I have no idea what time the doors open, so if anyone who already has a ticket could let me know, I'd be dead greatful!

Currently, my group of friends I was meant to going with are all busy on the night, so if I go, it'll be on my own, therefore I'd love it if it might be possible to meet up with some of you livejournal guys finally, if you're willing! pleases! I don't really wanna buy a ticket until I know I won't be entirely alone! twould not be as fun! but I really don't wanna miss Reuben!

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