listen to dive dive (i_like_hr) wrote in glitterskin,
listen to dive dive

so everyone saw dive dive supporting reuben on the april tour didn't they?
and if you didn't,you can rectify that very soon.
they rock.
and tomorrow night ben,jamie,tarrant and nigel will be doing what they do best,which is kicking rock n roll arse.
nay,not kicking it,obliterating it.
you can witness their utter incredible-ness at the camden barfly,doors are at half seven and tickets are a mere 6 pounds in advance.
they are great,so do come along.

end of plug.
(sorry if you're not allowed to plug other bands here,consider my wrist slapped)
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Aye, Dive Dive are indeed a fucking amazing band. I missed their acoustic set at Truck because i was sort of...drunk & sleeping in my tent.

Will be buying the new album this week though, i may have to rob a small child to raise the pennies, but it has to be done.
apparently truck was incredible,i missed it due to being a complete dick and not getting tickets before it sold out,d'oh.
the album is utterly incredible and if you have to rob a small child then so be it,it is 13 tracks of sheer brilliance.
i like dive dive.
The ticket situation was a bit pants, i had two tickets going that could have been given to the needy since a few of the people coming with us couldn't make it, but we couldn't redeem them without ID, not very fair to those that missed out!

I have my child-thwapping stick at the ready, i'm going to aim at the ones with the nice trainers & hope that their parents are rich & therefore will have given them lots of dinner dosh. They'd better have it in my wee olde record store, or i'll be kicked myself for not getting it at the merch. tent, but it was the CD or the new reuben t-shirt, & you have to pick your battles, it was raining & i needed layers!
fair enough :o)
it's the summer holidays so you should have your pick of affluent children just ripe for a mugging.
if you can't get it in your local record emporium you can get it online from loads of places.
or come to the gig tomorrow night and buy it from the merch desk,that way you get to see dive dive as well,bargain.
I'd love to go, caretaker are amazing live, but i've blatantly caught sars from the weekend of debauchery, & i live all the way to the left of the big green blob in Cardiff. Have a wicked time though, & try & take pictures if you can! Is there a dive dive community on here?
they played in cardiff last night,it was wicked.
my sister takes shedloads of photos,she is ace,i'll get her to post some in the dive dive community,which is here
Yeah i know, my friend & i were meant to be going, but we were both so shattered from Truck, & trying to avoid contracting trench foot, so she went back to Liverpool & i lived the rock & roll dream with copious amounts of tea & bed socks.
Cheers for that! If any of the people i went with to truck managed to get pictures of Dive Dive's set then i'll post them up there too. I can't wait to get my Reuben ones developed, they played a blinding set, if it weren't for the bastard Towers of London making them cut their set short! I don't know what the organisers were thinking, nobody cared about TOL, there was chanting & a full barn for Reuben, half of the audience buggered off as soon as they'd finished!
excellent work,i was gutted that i missed reuben,although i did get to see jamie on sunday night playing with caretaker,bless him he was shattered.
i should post up all our photos from the dive dive tour on the community actually,there's a whole photobucket account's worth and then some.