asylum_reject1 (asylum_reject1) wrote in glitterskin,

Reuben love

Hey I'm new in here but I'm deffo not a new fan to Reuben.

Did anyone catch on to Jamie when he was in Angel? They only had 1 EP out but seriously it's the shit.

Also I just wanted to say to all those serious fans.. Do you know The Fallout Trust?

Well after meeting Jamie and Them (at seperate gigs) I was informed but the drummer himself that they're cousins..

So show support to Jamies family! In an interview in Kerrange he had them as one of his top 5 tunes!


To those of you who don't know who The Fallout Trust are... they sound NOTHING like Reuben. I don't even know what genre to put them in.

Loving all the pictures I have a few that'll look pretty good once I get the tinternet at home (I'm currently on works computer).

Peace out Reubenites. xx
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