the tzar (teeeeeth) wrote in glitterskin,
the tzar


Soooo...thoughts on the new album? Is anyone of Livejournal still a fan of the boyos..haha, it's been bloody ages since anyone made a post and it seems VFVD wasn't too popular a follow up to Racecar (not my opinion) But seriously, to those of you that have stuck with them, what are your thoughts on the new album? It's so experimental and lovely and I really just want to dry hump it many times. It's not perfect, but least they're trying something different and it's working (for me anyway). It's weird, this album didn't really hit me with it's excellence on the first listen, it took me about three listens to actually realise how refreshing it is. Jamie Lenman's voice is just absolutely amazing now, it's not even about the slick transition he makes from singing to growl, it's all about how good his singing voice is...the last part of "A Short History" is quite frankly the most epic i've heard Reuben go for ages. And "Ambulance" is just one KILLER tune, even after hearing it live like three times and almost dying everytime i played their DVD (which you really should get if you haven't already!) Wahhhh, Reuben Spaz. It's long overdue :D YOUR thoughts/opinions?...anyone seeing them on tour?! *fingers crossed they enter the charts tomorrow* ^_^ xz 

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